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Thursday, October 31: First Round of Playoffs

The Warriors fought hard as they faced the Roosevelt Rough Riders in the playoffs. The Warriors could have given up early in the game when they were trailing 28-7. But, instead they came together as a team and gave it everything they had to bring the game to 28-20 as the final minutes of the clock ran down. 


It is a tough loss but one the Warriors should be proud of. This year has been one of many changes and challenges. However, being a Warrior and the PRIDE we have in that will never let us fall but to only be humble and rise again. 


Former Warrior Trevor Gebhart said it best in a letter he sent to the team:


    I watched the livestream of the game vs. Roosevelt last night and I can’t tell you how proud I am of you guys. You battled and fought, and never gave up like true Warriors. I’m definitely glad the pride of the Orange & Black is being carried on.

    What made me so proud is that despite the season, and that game not going the way you wanted, no one gave up. You could have easily just thrown up the white flag and been done with all of it. But that’s not what we’re about at Washington, and you guys held true to that with the hardest of obstacles right in your face.           That’s really what Warrior Pride is all about.

At NDSU, right inside the locker room door, we walk out for home games we have written, “Those who stay, will be champions.” The reason that’s there is because we know that no team is ever going to outwork us. That comes with a great price, though. It takes a tremendous amount of effort that not a lot of people are willing to do. Sounds familiar, huh?

    I know for a fact you guys have shed blood, sweat, and tears for this. And because of the price you paid in that, and did not give up, you really are champions. That’s something you can always hang your hat on and that no one can ever take away from you.

    For you seniors that are done, I know it probably wasn’t the way you wanted it to end, but hold your heads up and really be proud of what you did accomplish. There are very valuable life lessons to be learned from it all. If you are continuing to play in college, I wish you nothing but the best of luck and hope that you carry on the Warrior tradition wherever you go.

    For those coming back next season, don’t ever lose that edge you displayed last night. Use that momentum and same confidence you played with to propel the team into next season. Continue to do all the little things right, outwork everybody else, and most importantly stay together. Nothing can beat a band of brothers that are proud to represent the Warriors. Do this and I can promise you great things will come your way.


I truly am proud of you guys. Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior!


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Check out Photos from the 09/02/2013 JV game!




Monday, October 28: Warriors 26 vs Harrisburg 0

Freshman finished their season strong with a nice win over the Harrisburg Tigers. They ended with a winning season 6-2 and will be a great asset to the Warriors in the next upcoming years. Congrats Freshman on a great season!


Freshman Game Results            Freshman Game Photos




Tuesday, November 5th:  The Sophomores ended their season with a nice win 32 to 16 against the Lincoln Patriots to finish undefeated. They had a great year with 3 players moving up to Varsity and handling all the games. The potential for this group is unlimited. I am especially proud of the work ethic and character of this team. They understood how to practice, they always put the team first, and did everything we asked of them. This is a real special group of young men. The "Warrior Way" is alive and well with this team.  


Sophomore Head Coach Steve Kennedy



Sophomore Game Results          Sophomore Game Photos

Below is Our 2010 Senior Warriors (updated 08/11)

 "What a great clip! It pumps you up for another great season!"

2011 South Dakota All-Star Game

It felt like another "Warrior" game as Coach Hermanson was the defense coach for the South Team that included 4 Warriors: Matt Hermanson, Brandon Mohr, Serkaut Aware, and Kenny Fiddler. It was great to see all four of them take the field one last time together! Their talents shined as Hermanson and Fiddler made big hits on defense, Mohr continued to plow through the line gaining major yards, and Aware making the first big interception of the game. After each major play looking at Coach Hermanson you can see how proud he was of his players. South ended up sweeping the game with a big win 37-0. Coach Hermanson was also recognized for his 30 years of coaching. Congrats to you all! Below are photos from the game.

Mini Clip of the 2009 State Championship Game