Get to know the Varisty Coaches


Coach: Chad Stadem

Years at WHS: 2

Graduate from: University of Sioux Falls BS in Social Seciences; MS Educational Administration from South Dakota State University; Dell Rapids HS

Coaching Responsibilities: Head Varsity Football Coach - Offensive Coordinator

Coaching Background: 6 yrs as head coach at Howard, SD (2004 11B State Champions), 6 yrs as Head Coach at Flandreau, SD (2010 11B State Champions) 71-30 record during that time. Has coached over 20 All State Football players, 3 Honorable Mention All Americas, and 6 Conference Champions. Coach has served as both a defensive and offensive coordinator and special teams over his career.

Favorite Part of Coaching: The development of athletes as the learn how to work towards a goal as a team.

Family: Wife Tara; Daughters Adisen (9) and Remington (12 wks)

2009 Augie Celebrity Camp

Assistant Varsity Coaches

Name: Eric Struck

Years at WHS: 12

Graduated from: O'Gorman HS, University of Sioux Falls

Coaching Responsibities: Varsity Defensive acks and Special Teams Coordinator

Coaching Background: WHS from '06 to Present: Offensive Line (4 yrs), Wide Receivers (6 yrs), and Defensive Backs (2 yrs). This is my 1st season as Special Teams Coordinator

Favorite Part of Coaching: #1 is working with the kids at Washigton High. We are blessed with great young men who work hard and want to be coached. #2 is the people. I have been fortunate enougn to work with and learn from so many great coaches. As good of coaches that they are. they are better people! #3 is the students at Washington High. They have always been supportive and make the atmoshpere at home games amazing!

Family: My amazing wife Angie and three great children: Daughters McKenzie 12 and Finley 9, Son Cooper 6. They are awesome and love Warrior Football!

Name: Jeff Fitzgerald

Years at WHS: 2

Graduated from: University of Sioux Falls

Coaching Responsibilities:

 Defensive Coordinator

Coaching Background: 18th year coaching with stops at Lincoln HS and the University of Sioux Falls

Favorite Part of Coaching: 

The relationships you are able to build with the players as well as the other coaches

Family: Married.......with children!


Coach: Jason Stahlberg

Years at WHS: 7

Graduated from: Flathead HS; University of Sioux Falls

Coaching Responsibilities: Varsity Defensive Line

Coaching Background: 10 years coaching experience with Defenseive Line and Strength and Conditioning

Favorite Part of Coaching: Working with student athletes and taking part in the Warrior Football Tradition

Family: Wife Laura and children:Emily (7), Logan (4), and Jack (2)

Name: Michael Freicks

Years at WHS: First year

Graduated from: University of Sioux Falls

Coaching Responsibilities: Varsity Defensive Backs and Sophomores

Coaching Background: 

Volunteer coach for one year at University of Sioux Falls

Favorite Part of Coaching: Helping the athletes become better people on and off the field. I enjoy seeing the players become successful.

Family: Parents Michael and Sandy Frericks; Brother Brian 19; Sister: Hayley 17; Girl Friend Natalie Blazier (dating for 6 years)


Name: Rick Thomas

Years at WHS: First season

Graduated from: University of Colorado

Coaching Responsibilities:

Varsity Running Backs

Coaching Background: 2011-2013 Defensive graduate assistant at University of Sioux Falls - while at USF I worked with the defensive backs and line; 2009-2010 Served as head coach for 7th and 8th grade Boulder, CO Youth Football teams.

Favorite Part of Coaching: Wathching players exceed their own expectations!

Family: Son fo Philip Thomas and Carolyn Seaton. I am not married and don't have children.