Get to know the Varisty Coaches


Coach Ryan Evans


Years at WHS: 2

Graduate from: 

Coaching Responsibilities: 

Coaching Background: .

Favorite Part of Coaching: 


2009 Augie Celebrity Camp

Assistant Varsity Coaches

Coach Jeff Fitzgerald


Years at WHS: 7

Graduated from: University of Sioux Falls

Coaching Responsibilities:

Defensive Coordinator

Coaching Background: 18th year coaching with stops at Lincoln HS and the University of Sioux Falls




Favorite Part of Coaching: 

The relationships you are able to build with the players as well as the other coaches

Family: Married.......with children!


Coach Jason Stahlberg


Years at WHS: 12 years

Graduated from: Flathead HS; University of Sioux Falls
Coaching Responsibilities: Varsity Linebackers
Coaching Background: 13 years coaching experience (Defensive Line, JV D-Coordinator, Linebackers)
Favorite Part of Coaching: Working with student athletes and taking part in the Warrior Football Tradition
Family: Wife Laura and children: Emily, Logan, Jack, and Katie

Coach Michel Freriches


Years at WHS: 6

Graduated from: University of Sioux Falls

Coaching Responsibilities: Varsity Defensive Backs and Head Coach of Junior Varsity

Coaching Background: 

Volunteer coach for one year at University of Sioux Falls

Favorite Part of Coaching: Helping the athletes become better people on and off the field. I enjoy seeing the players become successful.

Family: Parents Michael and Sandy Frericks; Brother Brian 19; Sister: Hayley 17; Girl Friend Natalie Blazier (dating for 6 years)


Coach Tommy Hofer


Years at WHS: 5

Graduated from: Dakota State University

Coaching Responsibities:  Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers

Coaching Background: Started coaching atheletes in '07 with the Air Attack Accademy

Favorite Part of Coaching: I get to be part of the amazing progam at WHS and also help atheletes reach their highest potentional 

Family: I am the favorite uncle to 9 nieces and nephews

Coach Ryan Schlieman 


Years at WHS: 3rd

Graduated from: South Dakota State University 

Coaching Responsibilites: Defensive Line Coach

Coaching Background: 10 years of experiece from 7th grade to Varsity levels at 4 schools

Favorite Part of Coaching: The family environment with players and coaches from all types of backgrounds. Watching kids realize that hard work pays off

Family: Married to Ashley, daughter Madilynn ad son Jack

Coach Lance Siebenahler


Years at WHS: 6

Graduated from: Augustana College, Pipestone, MN (HS)

Coaching Responsibilities: Varsity Wide Receivers & JV Offensive Coordinator

Coaching Background: 6 years at WHD, 2 years at Augustana College (Football, TE's), 10 years at Edison Middle School (various sports)

Favoirte Part of Coaching: Seeing the growth of not only every individual but also the team. Being able to be apart of so many lives and hopefully being able to make a positive impact


Coach Seddie Aware


Years at WHS: 1

Graduated from: South Dakota State Univerity and Washington High School, played football for both

Coaching Responsibilities: Varsity Defensive Backs

Coaching Background: First year Volunteer Coach

Favoirte Part of Coaching: I have a strong passion for the game and want to help kids succeed and meet their goals on becoming a better player

Family: wife Jordan and daughtr Aliya

Coach James Johnikin


Years at WHS: 1

Graduated from: University of Sioux Falls and University of South Dakota; SIoux City West HS

Coaching responsibilites: Varsity Wide Receivers and JV

Favorite part of Coaching: Connecting with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Learning how to get to the best from seeing them progress, meet their goals, and having fun

Family: Wife Kate and children: Alex , Liliana , Cierra and MIchael  

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